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Engineered wood in Ottawa

Engineered wood is not as sensitive as hardwood to moisture and heat.

Engineered wood is a plywood (or high density fiber) whose top layer is a real wood veneer (usually 0.6mm to 4.5mm or more in thickness). It is therefore not possible to detect that it is not actual hardwood. This type of flooring is found in many traditional and exotic wood species. A quality wood veneer will withstand several years of wear.

Greater stability

Engineered wood flooring is designed to achieve greater stability, especially in places where moisture and heat are present and where it may not be suitable for hardwood flooring. Hardwood can deform, warp or crack due to moisture or if it is too close to a heating source.

In addition to its top layer of veneered wood, the engineered wood floor has a base made of three or more layers (the higher the number of layers, the more stable the floor will be). These layers prevent the floor from twisting and force it to remain flat. This type of floor can therefore be installed in a basement of a residence without any problems.

Engineering wood floor sanding

In order to be able to redo the protective varnish after many years, an engineered wood floor can be sanded (if the thickness of the wood veneer allows for it). It is however not recommended to sand an engineered wood floor with a veneer of 8 mm. Localized damage can be easily repaired without having to sand the entire floor completely.

Engineered wood flooring

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