Varnish in Ottawa

For your floors, we use an eco-friendly, ultra-resistant and durable varnish.

The best varnishes on the market

Hardwood floors are expensive to buy and when you get them installed or restored, you want to give them the very best protection. Varnishes from LOBA (a German company) that we use to protect your hardwood floors are made from a water-base (latex).

They are ultra-resistant varnishes, which are designed for high-traffic residential and commercial surfaces. These varnishes are not only effective in protecting your floors for a very long time, they are also environmentally friendly.

Here is why we use LOBA varnishes:

Here is why we use LOBA varnishes:

• Tested on residential and commercial surfaces with heavy traffic;
• Very resistant to impact, to scratches and to wear
• Applies without any odor / dries quickly;
• Does not turn yellow;
• They are not harmful to the environment.

Advantages of LOBA varnishes

Here is why we use LOBA varnishes:

OptiFinsih by LOBA:
Single-component varnish for hardwood floors. Residential usage. Resists abrasion well. Available in satin or semi-gloss finish. Suitable for traditional hardwoods and for almost all European and exotic woods.

EasyFinish by LOBA:
Water-based varnish for hardwood floors. For high- traffic. Resistance and durability comparable to two-component varnishes. Satin, semi-gloss and glossy finishes. Elastic, good resistance to chemicals and to abrasion.

2K Supra AT varnish by LOBA:
Two-component water-based varnish for hardwood floors, reinforced with ceramic. The toughest, strongest and most resistant on the market. Very high resistance to scratching. For hardwood floors in commercial areas with a high traffic density. Satin, semi-gloss and glossy finishes.

2K InvisibleProtect varnish (natural wood effect):
For particularly heavy loads, the appearance and natural feel of untreated wood remains preserved. The almost invisible layer is, at the same time, extremely resistant to scratches. Excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion.

HS 2K ImpactOil – different colours:
Thanks to good penetrating power, the wood is preserved while keeping its pores open and remaining breathable. The LOBASOL 2K (two-component) technology allows a reduction of maintenance while providing better resistance to water and chemicals.

During our evaluation meeting, we will be able to discuss with you which varnish would be the most appropriate for your type of floor and your needs. Contact us for more extensive information on the types of varnishes that we offer.